Rental HVAC situation gets an HVAC professional

We are mere weeks from the point where I’ll work up a sweat going from the air conditioning to the car.

And it’s not that I’m some super out of shape individual either. Actually, I get out of the zone controlled HVAC during lunch each day to hit the gym in our office building. And at least 3 times a week, I hit that gym again before heading home. Well heading home is now temporarily an apartment. It’s certainly not what I or my wife prefer but it seemed like the most sensible thing to do. We recently upgraded the residential HVAC in our home and sold it. After like a dozen calls from realtors wanting to list our house, we gave in. Walking away from that sort of payday wasn’t something that we could ultimately do. We had planned to stay in that house several more years. Yet, there is no predicting another huge real estate market so we went for it. Once we got it sold, which was like in weeks, we had the task of packing up and getting out. There was no way we were going to be able to find a house and pack and move. So we chose to go with a years lease on this apartment. I like the place okay but there is only two bedrooms and not much room. Plus, the HVAC equipment is ancient. I’m not taking a chance there. Summer is right around the corner so I called the HVAC professionals to come do a proper air conditioning tune up on this residential HVAC. I certainly wasn’t living it to the maintenance crew and then find myself in the middle of July without any cooling comfort from the heat pump.


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