HVAC contractor is the man

I don’t mind telling anyone who will listen, this house will be the last one I ever build. Even going into this custom home project, I had deep reservations about how it was all going to turn out. For sure, I had heard all sorts of horror stories from friends and colleagues. But my wife and I spend countless hours inside the central air conditioning of our old house planning and designing the house we wanted. The real estate bubble happened and we knew that we just had to pull the trigger. So we replaced the residential HVAC with the latest in HVAC technology and got the house on the market. It wasn’t there long as we had competing offers in the first ten days. That home sale financed the new house completely and left some stacks of cash leftover as well. The new house is more than half the size of our family home. But it’s just me and my wife so that cut down on costs. Still, building a home is so costly and there are a zillion details. I had to really stay on top of the contractor when it came to the subs. In fact, I sent the HVAC crew packing. They didn’t have a clue what we wanted when it came to our residential HVAC plans. So we found our own HVAC contractor and I’m sure glad we did. This guy came recommended and was just stellar. His passion for heating and cooling was only matched by his professionalism and his organizational skills. We now are enjoying the very best quality heating and air thanks to the hero that is our HVAC contractor.

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