Don’t roll the dice on old heat pumps

I’m actually quite serene as the Summer months are fast approaching.

It’s late April now so that means I’m soaking up all the moments of wonderful Spring weather that I can.

Each work day, I’m even slipping out of the commercial HVAC of the office to sit outside and eat. There is a park that’s about four blocks away from the office. It’s still so nice at lunch that getting out the air conditioning is not only possible but actually quite delightful. But I’m serene about the coming Summer for a different reason. Normally, I’m a bit nervous and full of dread for the temperatures to zoom to the upper 90’s along with all the humidity being mixed in. Being outside during the peak heating hours of the day is not advisable from about June through September. Last year, I was beside myself when it came to facing the Summer heat. That’s because I rolled the dice that our old heat pump would make it another Summer. The HVAC professionals had already warned me that the heat pump was on it’s last lap. But I wanted to get one more Summer out of it. I did everything I could do to lighten the load on the old heat pump. It was the warmest Summer ever inside my home. But it was the stress of wondering if the heat pump was going to conk out that was so miserable. I limped that thing through to the Fall and now have new residential HVAC. Honestly, the stress just so wasn’t worth it.


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