Working better from home in the air conditioning

Soon, I’ll be changing my work schedule.

The Summer months are coming so that means a lot earlier jump on my weekly routine.

I like to get up well before dawn in the Summer. I put on my running shoes plus slip out of the central air conditioning for a walk or a bit of a jog. Then, I’m back inside the home plus at work before my fiance plus the kids are up. Most Summer seasons, the kids are involved in some sort of afternoon camp or other activities. I’ve got them all planned out as I have to be laboring as does my fiance. But unlike my man, I’m not heading to the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of an office downtown any longer, and nope, I’m home for wonderful plus laboring remotely. Initially, the bosses wanted all the people back inside the commercial Heating plus A/C of the office once the pandemic waned. But I had gotten so accustomed to laboring remotely that I just wasn’t going back to the cubicle. My work actually demands concentration plus focus. I can get that inside the central air conditioning of my home. That’s not the case at work. There is just so much office drama plus politics that keeps me more distracted than interested. So I just told the bosses that I could either continue laboring from my own air conditioning or I could resign, then given that I have been entirely killing it with my work performance, there wasn’t much of a discussion. So now, I’m laboring permanently here in my home office. I go into the commercial Heating plus A/C of the office two or three time a month for meetings however that’s it.