A/C at night is the best

I have recently found out that I am the odd one out.

Usually people use their air conditioning systems during the day, and then turn them off at night since the night cools down.

While that makes sense, I personally prefer it the other way around. When it is the morning and afternoon, I am usually off to work anyways, so having the heating and cooling machine on doesn’t make much sense for me. Keeping the cooling device on at night however, ensures that I am at the ideal temperature as I prepare to go to sleep. Did you know heating and air conditioning can actually impact your sleep? You would think that in order to go to sleep, you would need warmer temperatures, but actually the opposite is true. Having your smart thermostat set for cooler temperatures is actually the best solution to having better sleep. Try it, lower your thermostat a few degrees and see how it impacts your sleep. I know whenever my HVAC device is not functioning properly, my sleep is not nearly as good as it usually is. I thought everyone knew this, but after talking to my friends and a few coworkers, it turns out most people are not cooling their homes at night, and therefore not having the quality sleep they could be having. Sleeping issues are quite common, so finding easy methods to improve sleep without medication is always a and. Anyways, this was just an interesting fact that I have learned that I wanted to share with everyone.

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