Air conditioning specialist quickly solved my problem

I am a little embarrassed at how quickly and easily the HVAC problem I was having was.

If I had known how easy it was, I could have repaired the heating and A/C machine myself! I noticed one of my rooms was getting pretty heated during the daytime, and no matter how many times I turned the thermostat down, it didn’t seem like any cooling air was reaching this room.

This was a problem, when most of the house felt like the mid 70s, and that one room felt like it was in the 80s. What I should have done is ask if any of my family members messed with the A/C vent, but the thought didn’t cross my mind. I was too busy worrying about the heating and A/C component having issues. HVAC related problems are always pretty costly, and I wasn’t sure I could afford it. I was really beginning to wish I had the HVAC service plan my husband was telling me about. Anyways, when the cooling professional arrived, I led him to the overheated room. He probably took 2 minutes to look around, before opening the HVAC vent in the room. Almost immediately, my face was hit with a rush of icy cold air. So that was the issue. The A/C device was not having issues at all, it was just the closed air vent. I thanked the A/C worker, and later I asked my family members about it. It turns out my teen son didn’t like how cold it was one day, and he closed the vent and then forgot about it.


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