Stuck behind a HVAC van

I was warned of a traffic accident ahead.

A bold sign stated there was an accident up ahead, and unfortunately, the accident was right in the direction I needed to be heading.

My dog’s grooming appointment was today, and I was supposed to pick him up in 20 minutes. I like to take my dog to his grooming appointment every few months, because his thick fur sheds like crazy. His fur gets in every crevice, even in places that shouldn’t be possible. It gets stuck in the vacuum cleaner, and in the HEPA air filters. It’s a mess, and so I like to clean up as much of it as possible. The cars in front of me were probably only going 5 miles or so, it was so painfully slow. I couldn’t even see in front of me due to the large HVAC van blocking my view. Another 15 or so minutes passed by, and traffic was speeding up. Suddenly, a car cut off the A/C van in front of me, and the HVAC specialist had to slam on his brakes in order to avoid hitting this car. I could see through the A/C worker’s back window and he was shaking his fist at that car, I could almost feel his anger. I’m sure he has a heating and A/C appointment to get to, and this delay could get him in trouble. I felt bad for the guy, but I was just happy to be on my way and get my dog back and go home.


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