Competition of HVAC equipment with my neighbor

I just had the weirdest competition with my neighbor.

At least, that is what I think is happening.

My neighbor and I have always been friendly with each other, not exactly friends, but on good terms. I was invited over to her place not that long ago, and she proudly showed off her new smart thermostat. She seemed very smug in doing so, and this wasn’t surprising to me, she came across as the smug type. I didn’t pay too much attention to her new HVAC technology. However, a month later I actually needed a new thermostat myself due to issues with my old one. I bought a smart thermostat and had it installed. It turned out to be a great thermostat, and I was happy with it. I had forgotten about my neighbor getting a new thermostat. Also around that time, I made more money than I had expected, so I decided to upgrade my central HVAC system as well. I figured I might as well get that out of the way, since my machine was older, and probably was going to quit working efficiently in the next few years. I guess my neighbor heard of my new smart thermostat, and saw the A/C truck in my driveway with the new A/C equipment, because right after my A/C installation, she immediately had a new air conditioning installation herself, from the same company. Right after her new equipment was installed, she made sure to invite me over and very proudly show off her new equipment. I was not interested in participating in a competition, so I showed as little interest as possible.

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