My sister wanted air conditioning advice

My older sister likes to come and talk to me and get my opinion on things every now and then.

I like to do the same, we often exchange advice.

Well, last time I talked to her she was telling me about this heating and A/C issue she was having. The next time we talked, she started asking me for heating and cooling advice. I wasn’t the best person to ask on the subject of HVAC, because while I have experience in multiple different fields, heating and air conditioning is unfortunately not one of them. However, I did know someone who might know what to do. My old college roommate, who I have spoken to in years, was training to become a heating and air conditioning specialist. I know they became a certified HVAC worker, but I don’t know if he is a HVAC technician anymore. I called him, and we caught up a bit. He was a cooling specialist for a small amount of time, but then he went into coding. I told him my sister’s dilemma, and he spoke to her for a while. He recommended that she get a geothermal heat pump. Apparently heat pumps have become incredibly popular, and are a great investment. My sister ended up taking his advice and had a heat pump installed a few weeks later. Last I heard, she was incredibly happy with her new heat and A/C equipment. Even though I couldn’t give her advice, I am glad I found someone who could.


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