I am alive today because of my insistence on buying a carbon monoxide detector

I never thought a simple trip to the hardware store would save my life.

Further, this was an errand I had been putting off for weeks and only decided to do last minute on the way home from work.

I needed new light bulbs that can’t be bought at traditional grocery stores, only the hardware store in town carries them. Instead of just buying them on the way home from work some random day, I avoided doing that as well out of laziness. When I finally stopped in, I decided to have a look around and see if there was anything on sale that I desperately needed or could make use of. There were no power tools that I needed, nor could I justify the expense if I wasn’t going to use them everyday. At some point, I was walking through the aisle with smoke detectors and saw carbon monoxide detectors on sale. I had never owned one before but I remembered that I use a gas furnace. Therefore, it might be smart to have one of these detectors in the house just in case the worst ever happens. Literally within the next 48 hours, my new carbon monoxide detector went off in the middle of the night with a shrill and high pitched alarm. I scrambled to grab my dog and get out of the house when I called 911. They found a gas leak in the house when they arrived and were thankfully able to isolate it and stop the leak. If I hadn’t bought that carbon monoxide detector days beforehand, I might have died. It’s amazing to think that a trip to the store to buy light bulbs could save my life.


a/c workman