My husband is an HVAC technician, who’s considered an essential employee

My husband is an essential employee because he’s an HVAC technician.

He is still doing furnace repairs and air conditioning maintenance and repair work during all of the shutdowns this month for coronavirus.

He’s actually been very busy with work, even though we thought at first that his business would slow down. But I guess people need to have well running heating and cooling systems at any rate. Not only that, but so many people are paranoid about this silly virus going around that they are hiring my husband to clean out all of their ventilation ducts, air vents, and air returns for them too. He’s also noticed a huge increase in the sales and installation of HEPA air filters and whole home air purification systems. He said that last week alone, he ended up installing 23 different air purifiers in clients’ homes. That was some sort of a record for the entire HVAC company. I guess people are very concerned about their indoor air quality during all of this and they assume that things like UV light air purification systems can help protect them from bacteria and viruses. I hope that’s really the case, but even if it isn’t, I guess it can’t ever hurt to improve the indoor air quality in your home anyway. I was worried about my husband going out to work at first, but he’s been totally fine this whole time. I’m starting to think that he already had the virus back in the winter when he had a bad cough and now he’s already immune to it.


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