I bought a new air conditioner, and I don’t really like it

I bought a new air conditioner, and I don’t really like it.

I wanted a new air conditioner for my bedroom.

I had one in there, but it started to make some noises, and it would wake me up during the night. I decided to put the air conditioner that was in my bedroom in the living room. We needed an air conditioner downstairs anyways. It was getting pretty hot and muggy downstairs during the day, so having an air conditioner down there is great. I bought a new air conditioner for our bedroom, and my husband installed it a few nights ago. So far, I don’t really like the air conditioner. Even though it is a brand new air conditioner, it doesn’t look very nice, and it doesn’t work that well. I would definitely say that the old air conditioner that I moved downstairs blows a lot more cool air than the new air conditioners does. That makes me upset because our room is pretty big, and the new air conditioner takes a couple of hours to cool it down. The other air conditioner only took about one hour to have our bedroom nice and cool. I used to turn the old air conditioner on one hour before my husband and I planned to go to bed, and we left it on all night long. I turned it off when I got up in the morning, and it was perfect. With the new air conditioner, I have to turn it on about three hours before we go to bed, and I almost always forget, so it is warm in our room when we go to bed most of the time.

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