We got another air conditioner

We got another air conditioner. We were able to get a full refund for the air conditioner that quit after just five weeks of use which was really nice. I went home the evening that I returned that air conditioner, and I did a ton of research on air conditioners. My husband actually helped me for a bit, and he isn’t usually much of a researcher. He usually leaves that kind of stuff to me. He really did not want another air conditioner like the one that I bought before, so he wanted to help me figure out which air conditioner would be best. We researched for about three hours before we came to a decision. We both agreed that this one particular air conditioner seemed to have the best reviews and quality. We went to the store the next morning and bought the air conditioner that we had agreed would be best. We have been using that air conditioner for a few days now, and so far, we love it. It is so much nicer than that last air conditioner that I bought. I don’t understand how that other air conditioner had so many good reviews. I guess we just got a bad one. It was terrible right from the beginning. This new air conditioner that we are using is easily ten times better than the other one. I hope that this air conditioner lasts longer than five weeks like the last one that I bought. If this new air conditioner continues to work this well, we will keep it for sure.
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