My number one yoga routine

My best friend and I have legitimately weird approaches to life, but he is a boisterous man, outgoing and a fun person to be around.

Simply the type of human who dominates every conversation, usually by talking about himself.

He is without a doubt an interesting dude. With that being said, the problem is that he finds himself more interesting than anyone else that he comes into contact with, and this brash type of attitude creeps into every single aspect of his life, from his loud spouse to his rambunctious children & his super noisy car. Anyways, I have cats, not pets. I have no teenagers & I drive a whisper-silent hybrid, but when it comes to getting my exercise, I practice yoga at modern home every other day of the week. On top of that I usually go to the yoga studio once or two or three times per month to take a class, just for variety. When it comes to my neighbor getting exercise, he uses his own self-invented crossfit routine that is, you guessed it, far too loud. He works out in his backyard, where he has assembled homemade version of workout component that he uses in his daily routines, if my neighbor is not modern home I will often do some yoga in my backyard before I go in to work for the day. With that being said I can’t consistently do it outside because my neighbor & his noise gets on my nerves, so I converted my spare family room into a little yoga studio. It isn’t much, but the unbelievable thing about yoga to me is that you don’t need legitimately much. A little space, a mat on the floor, & the perfect type of attitude is all you need for yoga.