I tricked out my home gym, and I love it

Morale is important in all facets of life.

Happy workers are more productive, something we have all heard even though most bosses don’t seem to understand the concept.

If we are taking a long family trip, keeping up the morale of the kids in the backseat makes all the difference in the world for how it goes. Basically, it’s true about everything, because a happy mindset makes for better results no matter what you are doing. It proved to be true for me and exercise, as well, because once I tricked out my home gym, I have been getting better results! When I say tricked out I don’t mean a new weight set, I mean I outfitted my home gym with a killer light system, and a sound system to match. The LED lights are synched with the sound system, so when I throw on one of the Spotify playlists I have for my workout programs, the whole room comes alive. I don’t mind the commotion and noise of the gym, sometimes I kind of like it, but I find that I am much more focused when I am in my home gym. I have three different music playlists for weight lifting, a few more for yoga, stretching, and the heavy routine of situps and pushups I do in the morning. Between the lights and the music, I can totally lose myself in the workout programs, and focus 100% on my body. So long as I have my killer home gym, I won’t need a personal trainer to keep me motivated.


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