My favorite workout is running

There is another route that meanders through the woods.

I exercise every day of the week. To prevent boredom and optimize the benefits of my efforts, I make an effort to switch up the style of workout. I might concentrate on high intensity cardio where I combine jumping rope with squat thrusts, jumping jacks and jumps. I often target strength training and go through straightforward weight lifting, lunges, squats, push-ups and horizontal plank holds. To lessen the impact on my joints, I ride my bike once or twice a week. I really enjoy swimming or kayaking for a workout. To improve balance and flexibility, I go through yoga poses into my training sessions. My favorite type of workout is to go for a run. I appreciate how easy it is. It doesn’t require any specialized gear. I just tie my sneakers, make a point to stretch and warm up and then head out. It’s a wonderful way to include a great deal of various muscles, burn a tremendous amount of calories and engage both the heart and lungs. I play my favorite music and use running to clear my thoughts. I enjoy the scenery and change up my routes. Some of the routes are flat while others include inclines. My favorite is a route that travels through town and takes me by the local shops, coffee shops and restaurants. There is another route that meanders through the woods. I have invested into a high quality pair of running shoes to protect my feet. I’ve also bought specialized clothing to handle the weather. If I didn’t need to give my feet, ankles and knees a break, I would probably run every day.

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