My mother taught me good fitness habits

I developed my dedication to good health, clean eating and strenuous physical fitness habits because of my mother.

While my older brother and I were growing up, she cooked every meal from scratch.

She never allowed us to eat processed foods, fast foods or take-out. We had no unhealthy snacks on the shelves of the cupboards. Our meals offered a variety of vegetables and lean meats. My mom encouraged us to drink plenty of water and snack on fruits. She signed my brother and I up for various sports and physical activities. I got involved in cheerleading, gymnastics, figure skating, softball and volleyball. I constantly played with a jump rope, pogo stick, hula hoop and rode my bicycle. My mother also led by example, She worked out every day. When we traveled as a family, she’d wake up extra early and take advantage of the hotel’s fitness center, swimming pool or go for a run. She never smoked or drank much alcohol. She’s always kept a healthy weight. My mom earned a black belt in karate when she was in her late sixties. She is 81 years old now and hasn’t given up on her fitness regiment. She stretches, performs a series of lunges, squats and ab crunches and even does push ups. She can maintain a plank position for an impressive amount of time. She likes to use her stairmaster in the mornings. Even at her age, my mother keeps herself slim, healthy and strong. She is active and enjoys an outstanding quality of life. My mom has avoided major health setbacks and plus has required no surgeries. I am amazed by her endurance. She is really an inspiration! Because of my mom, I have learned to take good care of my body. I hope to age as gracefully as she has.


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