He doesn’t have many neighbors that are close to his cabin

When it gets dark, it’s so quiet in the cabin that you can hear a pin drop.

Henry hears every tiny squeak and creak inside his home.

HIs closest acquaintance is down the street. Henry doesn’t have any neighbors that are close to his cabin. When the neighbors have a loud party, occasionally Henry can hear the music. It’s nice to have some distance between the cabins. He’d never want to live in a village where his neighbors can look out the window and talk to each other. That is way too close in his opinion. Since it’s strange for Henry to hear any noises coming from his neighbor, it was truly odd for him to get woken up in the middle of the night. He heard loud sounds like cries for help. Henry quickly got out of bed and looked out the window. His neighbor’s cabin was on fire. Henry got into his vehicle and drove down there as quickly as he could. He wanted to lend any assistance if necessary. A fire truck was arriving at the property right before Henry was at the scene. They started dousing the entire cabin with water. The neighbors got out of the cabin in time and so did all of their children and dogs. No lives were lost during the fire, but the sparks took out a quarter of the house. The fire was caused by a short in the furnace wires. The furnace fire could have been deadly. Furnace fires are an immense problem in this part of the country. They all depend on their furnace during this time of the year and fires can happen in the dead of winter.

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