The humidity is even worse than the heat

The Summer weather is severely sizzling and humid, and around the middle of July, the temperature starts to hit 90° every single day.

The humidity is even worse than the heat. When Ann goes outside, she instantly gets covered with water and sweat. This can be quite uncomfortable. Ann walks to work in Spring and fall weeks, but I take my car when it is sizzling outside. This Summer I had to endure a lot of heat and humid weather. Last month, there were some days when the hot temperatures were over 100°. On one occasion, Ann was forced to shut down the air conditioning for a couple of hours. Temperatures on the control unit were high and the A/C unit was running constantly. It did not shut off at all during the day. When warm air started to flow out of the air vents instead of freezing air, Ann was worried that the A/C needed to be run tests on. She shut off the unit for many hours. Ann tried to turn it back on after the sunshine was starting to set. She didn’t think if the A/C was going to work or not. Ann was severely glad and relieved when the air conditioning came right on and started working. The reason why it shut off while she was in the day is due to the serious heat and humidity. Sadly, that means that while Ann was in the rest of the Summer she’s likely going to have the same exact troubles. When the hot and cold temperatures are too hot, she’s going to need to turn off the air conditioning method unless she wants it to freeze up and cease working completely.

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