I did the HVAC installation for the country’s famous songwriter

When I graduated from college, I was fortunate enough to get a job with one of the renowned indoor comfort businesses in town amidst the pandemic.

I was excited about this opportunity and was looking forward to growing my career. I started as a junior a/c serviceman and gradually grew to head a team of novice air conditioning technicians. My supervisor started handing down jobs such as HVAC installation to my team. This allowed me to learn on the job and learn more about air conditioning, and so did my team. We enjoyed learning together, and leading them was an easy task that I thoroughly enjoyed. One time, my supervisor called me to his office and handed me a job card, saying that the customer we were about to service was a high-priority customer and we had to put our best foot forward. We would be doing HVAC maintenance on the client’s multi-split air conditioner. The customer had a large following, and being a new customer at the air conditioning company, she would greatly influence her following to our services. When we got to the premise, I realized the customer was a famous songwriter and musician, and the astonishment and excitement on my face gave me away. Her quality air conditioner needed servicing and a new thermostat. We got new parts from the local air conditioning provider to assist us in completing the air conditioning repair. By the time we left the premises, the air quality at the premises had increased, and the customer was pleased with our efficiency. She was an excellent asset to the cooling industry because not long after that, she offered to do all our advertising for a subsidized rate in return for regular repairs on her unit.


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