Don’t ignore condensate from residential HVAC

It’s best not to worry so much about all the possible things that can go wrong.

Unfortunately, I’ve been one to worry needlessly.

This is a behavior that I’m really trying to correct. I’m tired of feeling like a giant stress ball all the time. Whether I’m inside the commercial HVAC of the office or inside the central air conditioning of my house, I was always worrying. It’s like I wanted to try to head off any potential problem before the problem even existed. That’s no way to live a life and I decided it was time to change. I’m trying to relax more and just pay attention to the moment I’m actually living in. And that turned out to have a big time benefit when I just started up my air conditioning. The air handler part of the HVAC equipment is inside my garage. I don’t go out to the garage all that much because it’s a pig sty and I hate that. But one thing at a time. So we cranked up the air conditioning prior to having the HVAC technician come out to do the air conditioning tune up. That’s not what we typically do as we try to wait as long as we can before flipping the thermostat to cooling. But there was a hot four days and we needed some cooling. Well, the condensate line must have been blocked because I found a puddle of HVAC condensate in my garage. Instead of panicking, I grabbed the shop vac and went outside. I sucked the debris out the end or the drain line and that fixed it. But you sure don’t want to ignore that because it can lead to water damage and worse.

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