It was chilly cold and there was no heating

For five years I went to soccer camp over the summer. It was regularly the same thing. I go for more than one weeks in the Summer with my friends and learn a lot. The more than one weeks were regularly super sizzling and I was a sunburned mess by the end! My buddies and I got smart. We started bringing portable AC and fans with us when the two of us went. We all packed swim trunks and shorts for the cabins, and during practice the two of us only wore thin athletic shorts. Nobody bothered with sleeves or pants. The dining hall was equipped with portable AC units everywhere. You could eat, sleep and do the whole camp with quality cooling. Well the last year I went to camp was unexpectedly cold. My buddies and I never once turned on the AC unit. The dining hall did not even take out the portable cooling device. Thankfully the camp sold gear with the logo on it. I bought a pair of pants and wore them the full more than one weeks. I was chilly the entire time still! Since the camp regularly runs in the summer, there was no heating. The cabins were super cold and it was bad outside. The arena did not have any space furnaces since it had never been cold enough to need them. It was not a fun year at all! Practicing a little sizzling is sort of nice. You get real loose and hot. Being too cold means slender muscles and where you just want to quit. I had never enjoyed heating until after camp was done.



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