The furnace in our local grocery store was down for a few days

I love to go grocery shopping.

It is one of my favorite things to do each week.

Most of my friends think that I am crazy for loving to go grocery shopping, but to me, it is really relaxing, and it helps me relieve stress. My husband used to offer to go shopping for me, but I think he learned a while ago that I love to go shopping because he eventually stopped asking me after I told him no several times. I shop at a local grocery store. It is not a chain, and I really like that. I love to support local shops. I went in to buy groceries last Friday, and the store was super cold. It had to have only been about forty-five degrees in there. I asked the manager what was going on, and he told me that the furnace was down. I decided not to do my shopping that day because I did not want to walk around in the freezing cold store. I went back the next day and asked if the furnace was working again, but it wasn’t. I got a few groceries that day but not all of them. I called in on Sunday to ask if the furnace was fixed, and they told me that it was. The manager explained the whole story, and I felt really bad for him. He had to go through two different HVAC companies and ended up having to buy a new furnace for the store. Thankfully, it is over though, and they shouldn’t have to worry about having anymore heating issues anytime soon.

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