Lack of a/c in the home

My good old friend from back east recently moved here to the south where it was very hot most of the year around.

They bought a wonderful home that was really nice. It even had a nice electric fireplace in it. However, it had no working central air conditioning system. They really were not worried about it because they only knew the weather from the eastern part of the country. They were happy with the house and glad about never needing to turn on the fireplace or think about heating systems all Wintertime, however when Summertime rolled around, my good old friend and her family were a lot less happy with their modern home. It was a hot, humid yucky Summer and they found it impossible to keep comfortable without an air conditioner in their new home. They tried installing a few ceiling fans, but the fans just blew around the warm, yucky air, then coming inside from a overheated sweltering Summer morning should be a relief, with cool, air conditioned air blowing over you, then but my poor good old friend said she was only comfortable when she was in the nice cool air conditioned grocery store in their frozen meat section, sitting in front of their freezers. My good old friend and her husband didn’t wait until Summer was over to call an HVAC dealer. They had an entire central heating and air conditioning system installed, right down to the ductwork. My good old friend said it was luxurious in price, but necessary, as she doesn’t suppose she would have lived through another month without an air conditioner in the overly hot house it had become.


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