Does the remote work anymore?

My gas fireplace should work by a cordless remote.

The remote is able to turn the furnace on and off.

Also, it can adjust the control machine temperature. The remote is not able to do this anymore due to a battery issue. Ideally this would mean the remote has run out of juice. It is not that straight-forward though. The power source inside of the fireplace that the remote works with is out of juice; So right now our family and I have to manually turn on and off the gas furnace. Also, control machine adjustments are no more. The furnace is either fully heating or totally off. The reason I have not replaced the battery inside of the fireplace is that it is too hot in there, however where the power source is located is inside and up high within the fireplace. I would have to take off the front vent, stick our whole arm up in there and fish around for the battery. Then I would buy new and install it myself. The fireplace gets super hot when it is on. I could not even brush against it without a serious burn. So I have to wait for the heating method to have been off for awhile before I touch anything. The issue is that I am not thinking about our heating and the lack of a battery until I want the heater. In the summer time would be a fantastic time to tackle the project. But, nobody thinks about heating maintenance when they are swimming in the pool or tanning outside.



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