ADA complaint upgrades needed for my sister

I recently rented an apartment for my sister who is wheelchair bound.

The apartment said it was ADA compliant. I figured all was well and never asked any questions or looked at pictures of the place. The moment my sister and I arrived I noticed the ramp into the apartment wasn’t at the right angle. It was too sharp of an angle and difficult for my sister to maneuver up it. The bars in the shower and by the toilet were also higher than they are supposed to be. Whoever renovated the apartment didn’t look into the actual guidelines when making an apartment ADA compliant. The landlord has been less than helpful now that he has the first month of rent. I started looking around online and there are construction companies that handle ADA compliant upgrades. The contractors I have been working with are amazing. They actually know the proper angles, heights and widths for all the accessories required for wheelchair bound people. The general contractor in charge has been personally supervising everything. He has given me a day that my sister and I can go to the mall and out to eat while they get to work. After a whole day of construction and remodelling, the contractor says the apartment will be good to go. The price tag on this construction isn’t that much either. I would have paid way more for my sister to be comfortable in her new apartment. The construction company has been so amazing I have been thinking about using them for updates on my place.



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