I marvel at our HVAC heat pump

I took a job down south and I wasn’t really so sure what I was in for.

Having grown up and lived all my life up north, I wasn’t so sure about living in the south. Most of what I knew was sort of the stereotypical stuff from TV and all that. While I took all that stuff with a grain of salt, I still was a bit worried. But it was a great job and worth the gamble. What I didn’t realize was that I would fall so totally in love with the south. And it’s not just because the HVAC heating bills are nominal at best. That I kind of figured on given the mild temperatures that I would see while my furnace was blasting up north. No there is so much to love aside from the weather. The people, the food and the fun are big benefits for me. But the weather does come in way up the list for the best parts about living in the south. However, it’s not like we don’t deal with weather here though. The summer is notoriously hot and humid. That first summer was sort of shocking and I spent a lot of time inside the HVAC comfort of the office or my house. I did learn a lot about just how amazing the HVAC heat pump actually is. This thing does it all. In the summer, it removes heat energy from inside the house and exhausts it outside which makes room for cooler air to lower the temperature. Then in the winter, when I need a little heat, it simply reverses refrigerant flow and pulls heat energy from the outside air into the house. It’s remarkable.


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