News report on broken HVAC

While I was watching the evening news the other night, there was this breaking story that came on about a local heating and air conditioning dealer who was selling broken HVAC equipment and ripping people off! I thought this was quite an unusual breaking news story to be honest with you all.

But, I found it interesting none the less.

It seemed this heating and air conditioning dealer was selling the old and broken down heating and air conditioning equipment that came from an old warehouse of discarded goods. The police ended up arresting the owner, and the entire heating and air conditioning dealership was shut down the next day. They were going through and trying to find all the customers who got ripped off, because they were going to give them their money back. The police that were interviewed on the news story were saying that it was proving to be quite a task to find every single last one of the people who bought these broken down pieces of heating and air conditioning equipment. They sent out a message telling anyone who may be watching, that may have been a victim, to please call the local police headquarters so they can arrange for them to get all their cash back. The people that bought the central heating and air conditioning systems had thought that they just had bad luck. So they were shoving out tons of cash on HVAC repairs that they shouldn’t have had to do. I was lucky I wasn’t one of these people!

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