We had to get a new pack-up plan

My wife is usually pretty organized when it comes to our moving.

She has everything written down that will make our move go smoothly.

We had already moved several times in our marriage, and we were planning on one more move. We wanted to move south for the winter. We put our home up for sale, but whenever a prospective buyer came to the house, they wouldn’t come past the door. We knew there was a slight odor in the house, but we didn’t think it was that bad. We knew we had to find the source of the odor before we could sell the house. We had already put a ton of money into the renovations the home needed and now we were going to be putting more money into the heating and air conditioning. When the HVAC tech arrived, the first thing he checked was the ductwork. He told us that the ductwork was riddled with holes and it needed to be replaced. After we had the ductwork replaced, he told us that the furnace actually needed some major work. We knew the furnace was sold, but we didn’t think it needed to be replaced. We went ahead and had the HVAC technician replace the ductwork and the furnace. We had them add a new thermostat to the bill. With all of the other work we had done on the house, we knew that we would be able to sell it for much more than we had originally planned. I am hoping this is the last move we will ever need to make.

HVAC professional