I am going to get rid of the poor air quality

This summer has been particularly humid and I am not liking it.

I knew that southern summers could be especially brutal, but this was the worst one I had ever experienced.

It wasn’t even the heat and humidity that was bothering me, but it was my air quality. I’m not sure what was causing all of my allergies, but I was feeling really bad. I was sure it had something to do with the pet dander and pollen in the air. I was going to get some new air filters that were made for homes with pets and I wanted to look into purchasing a whole home air purification system. I wasn’t sure of the cost of either, but I was pretty sure the air purification system was going to be really expensive. Before I took that measure, I decided to call the HVAC company and have a technician come in and clean and sanitize the ductwork. I had read that if you get a lot of dust and dirt in the ductwork, it can clog the airflow and destroy the air quality in the home. I called the HVAC company to ask them to come to the house and clean the ductwork. I thought that if my air quality hadn’t drastically improved after the ductwork was cleaned, I would then try the air filters. If that didn’t do it, I would have to break down and install the home air purification system. Until I am able to come up with the money for the air purification system, I guess I will just need to suffer with poor air quality.


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