We had a stinky AC unit

I knew there was a problem with my air quality from the moment I moved into my home.

I noticed that there was a lot of rubbish surrounding the AC unit, when I bought the house. I contributed the stinky air to not having good airflow to the air conditioning unit. I also knew that I had a problem with my thermostat and I was going to need to purchase a new thermostat. It was reading about ten degrees too high and I was having a hard time even getting the air conditioner to turn on because of the thermostat. I called the HVAC company and I asked about having a professional ductwork cleaner come by to clean and sanitize the ductwork. While I was waiting for the ductwork cleaners to arrive, I had the HVAC tech install a new thermostat and I went outside to clean the rubbish from around the air conditioning unit. Once I had the entire area around the aC unit clean, I could tell I still had a problem. I could hear the aC unit trying to turn on, but nothing was happening. The HVAC tech looked the AC unit over and he told me that lack of airflow caused the blower motor to burn out. The blower motor was continually trying to do its job and it burnt itself out by working too hard. He replaced the blower motor and along with the clean ductwork, my air quality rapidly improved. I was happy with my air conditioning unit and my ductwork because my house didn’t have a stink anymore.

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