Too fatigued to finish all of the air vent covers

During the week of April, I perform annual Spring cleaning in the house, then i have been cleaning appreciate this for almost a decade, plus I believe it gives the home a fresh plus clean smell for a few weeks.

I usually try to perform the cleaning before Easter, just in case all of us have a home full of people for the holidays, but this year, all of us opted to go to my Mom’s arena for the Spring holidays. My brother plus his fiance went too, plus they brought all four of the youngsters! We had a good time plus all of us ate ham, beans, potatoes, plus corn. I completely forgot about the annual Spring cleaning, until the end of April. My hubby reminded me, plus I instantly got to work. I washed all of the curtains, plus cleaned all of the chair rails. I washed all the dishes from the cabinet, plus I cleaned the garbage disposal with sanitizer. I also removed all of the air vent covers from the whole house. Last year, I forgot to clean the air vent covers, so I wanted to let them soak for a few hours this time. I filled the bathtub with vinegar water, plus allowed the air vent covers to soak while in the day. I spent the next few hours cleaning the oven plus the microwave, and by 3:00, I was fatigued. I fell asleep on the couch plus completely forgot about the air vent covers. I woke up when the youngsters came through the oor after university. Luckily, I had just enough time to clean the powder room tub plus the air vent covers before my guy got home.


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