Fighting for practice times in the gym

I am the middle school wrestling coach and I want our students to practice in the gym, and the school is a combined middle school and middle school.

The middle school gym is a bit smaller with not as good of equipment and there is no AC.

The middle school gym was updated with all modern floors, mats and now there is central air conditioner. This is the gym I want for our boys to practice in. The mats are the regulation size and brand new. Having cooling while wrestling is easily nice, however when the boys get sweaty, they tend to slip off 1 another and it makes it difficult to grpeach, and also they get easily annoyed and sleepy abruptly, but i easily want the full 2 and half hour practice to be worth it, however but, getting into the good gym with AC is next to impossible. I have to labor with the volleyball coach, gymnastics coach and basketball coach for times, then of course everybody needs the good gym. The volleyball net, cheer mats and good basketballs are in that storage room. I guess the real reason is that every team wants to practice in AC. Of course, having cooling is easily nice. I recognize wrestling needs it the most; You can play volleyball sweaty. Basketball should not matter if you are covered in sweat. Who cares if the cheerleaders are hot? My boys literally roll around and touch skin. Both of us need the cooling to prevent the moisture! Nobody seems to care. I have to beg, plead and sneak our practices in that gym.


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