I wouldn’t trade my college days for anything

When I moved in with some roommates back in my college days, I learned about a rather interesting offer made by the landlord.

  • We were told that if we took care of the HVAC system maintenance our rent would be lowered.

I talked about this with my new roommates and we were all thinking about if this would be worth it or not. I told them about HVAC system maintenance plans and if we were to enroll in one of those, we would have all of the HVAC system maintenance covered at a very low cost per year. We could even get up to 4 repairs per year and we would have priority scheduling. When I told them about how much we would expect to pay, it was clear that we would save a lot of money on the rent and this would be a really good deal to make with the landlord. So we agreed and we ended up enrolling in the HVAC system maintenance plan. The HVAC company always did excellent work on the HVAC system and the landlord was happy to hear everything was going well. It really was a win-win situation because we were saving so much money on the rent. We even had additional spending money, and you know how tight things can be in college. This just wasn’t the case for us and we had a very enjoyable time during our years living in this household. We all became really great friends and we keep in touch to this day. I wouldn’t trade my college days for anything.

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