Fitness Room Needs HVAC Upgrades

I can’t tell you how many times I have called out a buddy over working out at home. Back then, if you didn’t pump iron in a legit HVAC controlled gym then you were a wimp in my view. What a loser I was. It wasn’t all about fitness. It was much more about posturing and prancing around like a prized peacock. Thankfully, those days are gone. A tremendous woman and a good marriage will do that. I sure lucked out. Now, I have decided that actual fitness is something I enjoy. Eating better and having better habits has made me feel a lot better. So, I figured I’d add to that with some home fitness equipment. Normally, I just get my exercise outside. However, where we live there are months of the year that it is just too dang hot outside to exercise. Actually, it can even be dangerous. So, I converted the back bedroom into an exercise room. However, I ran into a problem right away. It was so stuffy and hot back there. However, if I lowered the HVAC to where it wasn’t, then the rest of the house was too cold. I found the solution with a mini split heating and cooling unit. It is awesome. The mini split does not need any duct work. And, it connects to the little condenser unit outside through a small hole in an exterior wall. Now, I can work out in comfort without freezing out everybody else in the house. Oh and there is no pumping iron anymore. It’s all cardio, yoga and stretchy bands.

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