I think I want to keep on doing charity work with my friend

A good friend of mine is really into charity and helping people in need.

This past holiday season, he actually talked me into going with him to ask people for donations for the homeless shelter.

We actually went door to door asking people if they were willing to donate food, blankets, clothes, or portable heaters to the homeless shelter. I was surprised at how many people were willing to donate. Even if it was just a little bit of canned food, it really was a big deal for these people who were in need. There were a number of people who even donated their old portable heating machines. I thought that was incredibly generous and it made an impression on me. I have to admit, in the beginning I didn’t understand why my buddy always did things like this. It was more like work than doing something fun. But he was able to make the experience fun in his way, and I think it gave us a closer bond because we were doing something good for others. I was so inspired by the work we were doing that I decided to donate an old portable heater that I had as well. It certainly wasn’t anything fancy, but it is a heater that I relied on over the years and it always kept me nice and toasty in my home. Now somebody else will be able to keep nice and toasty because of it. It felt good knowing that it might actually keep somebody from freezing to death. I decided that I wanted to keep on doing this type of charity work.


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