My first time trying to clean out my A/C ventilation system

When I finally moved out on my own and into my first house, I was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility that came with homeownership.

I mean, it was awesome at first! I had all these lovely appliances that I could call my own, plenty of open space to play music or exercise, and my own basement! With all of these lovely features came some rather time-consuming chores.

I had never dusted an entire house before, so that was an exercise in itself. To be honest, it was an exercise in futility! It seemed like every spot I dusted would just get dirty again within an hour. After a few different cleaning sessions, I began to notice the trend – within a week, dust would return! I was so irritated by this constant filth. It wasn’t until a friend told me that I should have an air conditioning repair technician pay my home a visit, that I was able to get a handle on the problem. When the HVAC service technician arrived at my home, he told me that all the dusting and cleaning I’d been doing was just treating a symptom. The cause was not being addressed, which was actually my HVAC system ductwork. I never considered that the ductwork was the problem, but after the HVAC technician cleaned out the ducts, I could see how that was the case! Once I saw all the dust and dirt that he removed from the ducts lining my home, the air quality began to improve. Best of all, the frequency of my dusting and cleaning dropped off significantly.

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